TVXRAY Offers the most Personalized
Sport Broadcast Experience

  • AI-based SaaS solution ​
  • Seamless OTT integration
  • Across all devices ​
  • For football and other sports​

Using Interactive Layer Technology

TVXRAY’s SDK seamlessly integrates into any existing app, video player and OVP

  • Keep your audience engaged: Consolidate all live data on a single screen
  • Sports Hub: Easily switch between matches and catch up on highlights at any time
  • Personalized Video Alerts: Tailored to individual viewer preferences, accommodating any viewing habit, from linear to lean-in Gen Z engagement
  • Patented Highlight Engine: Enjoy highlights during live events, accessible via an interactive timeline or play-by-play highlight list
  • Triggering engagement
  • Optimize sports content across all channels on the video platform for maximum leverage

DFL Interactive Feed

TVXRAY empowers Bundesliga's Award-winning Solution

In collaboration with TeraVolt, Bundesliga introduced its product for football enthusiasts. The "DFL Interactive Feed" offers a completely new approach to experiencing live football.


This innovation further demonstrates that the DFL develops its media products in close collaboration with its media partners.

Steffen Merkel

(Member of the DFL Management Board and Executive Vice President of Audiovisual Rights)

Relevant and Interactive Content: Every Viewer Chooses

TV, Set-Top Box, Mobile and Web

TVXRAY empowers viewers to decide what interests them, catering to diverse viewing habits, whether for traditional sports consumption or Gen Z's interactive preferences.


  • AI-based interactive timeline
  • Auto-highlight technology
  • Video alerts of concurrent matches
  • Personalized conference with highlight pop-ups
  • Interactive sports data on Demand
  • Gamified player KPIs

Guarantee of Sustained Attention

Without the need for a 2nd screen: Viewers find everything important within TVXRAY.

Comprehensive personalization options, on-demand widgets, and individual real-time video clips – all fully interactive – ensure that viewers' attention remains on one screen.


AI-based Interactive Timeline 

with clickable icons for key highlights

  • Providing structure & orientation
  • Triggering engagement
  • Through touchscreen, mouse click or remote control
  • Live and on-demand​

Auto-Highlight Technology 

  • Patented algorithm for automated highlights​
  • Dynamic highlight clips in real-time​
  • Relevance indicator for each clip

Integrated into: 

  • AI-based interactive timeline ​
  • Video ticker (play-by-play)​
  • Personalized video alert​
  • Exported clips, e.g. for social media

Personal Conference with Highlight Pop-ups

Viewer decides what interests them: 

  • Personalized feed: Desired scenes from preferred games based on personal preselection
  • Individual picture-in-picture pop-up alerts, for example, from concurrently occurring games
  • Viewers stay updated on every live game, receiving real-time highlight clips

Interactive On-demand Sports Data 

Available for every viewer: Visualization of sports data of any kind—always synchronized with the video and tailored to the broadcaster/OTT's CI/CD.

This results in sustained engagement within the broadcast and ensures a deeper understanding of the game.


Gamified Player KPIs

Sports data with a gaming feel: ​

  • Player performances in the format of video games
  • Specific to each tactical position: Live comparison of player performance, current form and season average

  • Upgrade with integration of social media interaction

TVXRAY Creates a Platform with Unparalleled Multi-sport Functionalities

The top features include:

  • Hub with a customizable news section, video alerts from other stadiums, highlights, and medal standings
  • Video notifications for important events and decisions on other channels, available as picture-in-picture
  • Content personalization: Favorite settings for individual teams, nations, sports, events and athletes 

SaaS-enabled integration possible for all technical platforms.


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