TVXRAY offers the most personalised and immersive OTT sport experience for Web, App and TV. The AI-based SaaS solution works with all FIFA or UEFA tournaments and leagues, on any device.


Interactivity and Personalisation on OTT: TV, Mobile and Web

Designed to address all the different viewing habits of your customers. For leagues, tournaments, individual matches or events of different sports. A selection of features include

  • Personal Conference
  • Auto Highlight Technology
  • AI-based Interactive Timeline
  • Statistics 2.0 on Demand

As well as more possibilities for personalization

TVXRAY is the 
EPG 2.0

Highlights and short contents are the driver of social media. Follow this trend and use them to automatically upload content to platforms like Instagram TV, TikTok or your own platform.

Almost like zapping but more relevant and more addictive!

By zapping through video content, users will be led to new formats and offers. In this way the media libraries (catch up service) will gain more usage.

Auto Highlight Technology 

The patented Auto Highlight Algorithm generates dynamic highlight clips in real time. The duration and content of these clips vary. Metadata and relevance factors provided for each clip allow targeting of specific audiences. Available either as an interactive stream or separately exported clips, e.g. for social media.

Offer your viewers more than just "one-size-fits-all", but personalized user experiences.


AI-based Interactive Timeline

Upgrade your player with structure, orientation and interactivity – live and on demand. Event icons on the Interactive Timeline mark key scenes, and the auto highlight ticker automatically generates all important scenes in live.


Statistics 2.0 on Demand 

In the time of gamification, offer your viewers statistics, they know from their beloved game consoles. Determine the Most Valuable Player (MVP), compare live and average performances or upgrade your social media postings, all of which in real time.

TVXRAY offers this turnkey solution as a synchronous framework, with video, data and all interactions always perfectly in sync.

Upgrade your platform for Multi Sport Events

The top features are:

  • Your Hub with a customizable news section, video alerts, highlights and medal table
  • Live video alerts with important information on other channels, available as picture-in-picture
  • Personalization of content for individual teams/nations, sports, events and athletes

Other types of sports or events are possible as ready-to-use applications for all applicable platforms.


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Tobias Fröhlich
Managing Partner/Founder

Tel: +49 40 298 677 20


Based on a patent and AI workflows, TVXRAY offers (sport-) data handling (synched), video handling (realtime highlights) and a superior UX in a turnkey solution as SAAS.